Bucket List

You say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

      1. Grow and eat a garden
      2. Kiss in the pouring rain
      3. Go bungee jumping
      4. IcefishIce Fishing
      5. Visit the Walk of FameHollywood
      6. Bike in Holland
      7. Race in a 5k5K
      8. Race in a 10k10k
      9. Race in a 1/2 marathon
      10. Race in a marathon
      11. Attend a masquerade
      12. Go shark cage diving
      13. Save someone’s life
      14. Learn how to ride a motorcycleMotorcycle Lessons
      15. Sell my art to someone I don’t know
      16. Boat in Hạ Long Bay
      17. Buy everyone in the bar a drink
      18. Watch a live baseball gameBlue Jays Game
      19. Whale watch
      20. Go on an overnight backpacking trip1
      21. Perform a lead part in a play
      22. Fire a gun1
      23. Shower in a waterfall
      24. Attach a lock to a love bridge
      25. Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night
      26. Visit the White House
      27. Pierce something other than my ears
      28. Rock climb outdoors10517590_10154408605460284_8076594665309934575_n
      29. Watch a ping pong show in Bangkok
      30. Take a sushi making class
      31. Walk up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
      32. Explore the Grand CanyonGrand Canyon
      33. Travel first class
      34. Create every single thing in a cookbook
      35. Go on an African safari
      36. Hitchhike
      37. Take a cooking class in a foreign country2015-06-07 11.29.22a
      38. Watch fireworks on a roof
      39. Marry the love of my life
      40. Train through the Canadian Rockies
      41. Have a picnic in Central Park
      42. Hula dance in Hawaii
      43. Touch a stingray
      44. See the Roman Colosseum
      45. Plant a tree
      46. Get my scuba diving certification
      47. Climb an active volcano
      48. Walk the Great Wall of China
      49. Hold a monkey2015-06-07 08.32.31
      50. Drive US 101 in a convertible10906325_10155133616420284_919200691396956002_n
      51. Fish my own fish and cook it
      52. Snorkel with unbelievable fish2
      53. Ride in a tuk tuk
      54. Visit a Floating Market
      55. Relax in the Kuang Si Waterfalls2
      56. Crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels
      57. Make a full Christmas dinner by myself
      58. Ride in a helicopter
      59. Boat the Amazon River
      60. Eat a cockroach on Koh San Road2015-06-16 11.28.54a
      61. Ride a motorbike in Southeast Asia
      62. Hold a koala
      63. Take a pottery making classPottery
      64. Go on a huge road trip with girlfriendsRoad Trip
      65. Have a paint fight
      66. Party on a New York rooftopNYC
      67. Spend an entire day cuddling in bed
      68. Visit Beijing
      69. Stand under the Christ the Redeemer statue
      70. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge a
      71. Start a slow clap
      72. Learn to surf
      73. Get a degreeDegree
      74. Watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat2015-07-10 05.56.35-3
      75. Fall in love with CaliforniaCalifornia
      76. Pray in the Sistine Chapel
      77. Float in the Dead Sea
      78. Watch the changing of the guard in London
      79. Skydive
      80. Go to a black light party
      81. Paint a mural in a home
      82. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain
      83. Go boating in Guilin
      84. Go river tubing in Vang Vieng
      85. Find cherry blossoms in Yoshino, Japan
      86. Experience Argentina’s Iguaza Falls
      87. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
      88. Watch a show on BroadwayBroadway - Phantom of the Opera
      89. Sleep under the stars
      90. Catch a firefly
      91. Ride a camel
      92. Visit Hong Kong
      93. See rice paddies terraces in China
      94. Eat kangaroo meat
      95. Release a floating lantern
      96. Crash a wedding
      97. Hike Cinque Terre
      98. Kiss Prince Harry
      99. Hike Machu Picchu
      100. Go ice climbing
      101. Visit the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
      102. Go to a Turkish Bath
      103. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
      104. Ride an elephant1
      105. Fly a kiteKite
      106. Speak more than one language fluently
      107. Swim with bio-luminescent plankton
      108. Touch an iceberg
      109. Have a bonfire on the beach
      110. Ride in a submarine
      111. Party in Las Vegas
      112. Learn a dance routine perfectly
      113. Surprise a waitress with an amazing tip
      114. Go wine tasting in Napa ValleyVineyard
      115. Overcome my arachnophobia
      116. Jump into a pool fully clothed
      117. Visit the Cliffs of Moher
      118. Swim with dolphins
      119. Ride a gondola in Venice
      120. See an operaMET Opera
      121. Enjoy high tea in London
      122. Travel solo where I don’t speak the country’s language
      123. Carve something into a tree
      124. Visit the Forbidden City
      125. Enjoyed a freshly rolled cigar in Cuba
      126. Party on a yacht
      127. Rollerblade Venice Beach
      128. Visit Washington, DC
      129. Walk the Great Wall of China
      130. Visit a Maasai Tribe
      131. Tan on the Zanzibar beaches
      132. Visit Stonehedge
      133. Attend a TED conference
      134. Put a piece of gum on the Seattle Gum Wall1
      135. Watch a lightning storm at sea
      136. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
      137. Visit the Greece islands
      138. Take a picture with the Statue of Liberty2014-05-10 13.02.04a
      139. Get soaked by the Niagara fallsFalls
      140. Kiss under mistletoe
      141. Travel on a private jet
      142. Make dinner from Pike Place Market
      143. Go to Disneyland
      144. Go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef
      145. Party on the islands of Thailand4
      146. Stay on a cruise ship
      147. Sing karaoke to a bar
      148. Milk a cowMilk a Cow
      149. Learn how to cartwheel
      150. Visit Egypt’s pyramids and sphinx
      151. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Ireland
      152. Sit at a stranger’s table and have a meal with them
      153. Tan on the Florida Keys
      154. Visit Istanbul
      155. Go to a drive-in movie
      156. Watch baby turtles hatch
      157. Visit the Redwood Forest
      158. Explore Alcatraz Island
      159. Be a bridesmaidBridesmaid
      160. Spend the night at an aquarium
      161. Plan someone’s wedding
      162. Perform slam poetry
      163. Live abroad
      164. Get a tattoo
      165. Swim in the ocean when it’s pouring rainScreen Shot 2015-07-24 at 13.25.43
      166. Become a mentor
      167. Take a soul vacation
      168. Visit Petra, Jordan
      169. Write a book
      170. Speak in front of hundreds of people
      171. Start a non-profit
      172. Go sailingSailing
      173. Teach a classroomClassroom
      174. Try speed dating
      175. Take a self defense course
      176. Explore Bangkok’s Grand Palace3
      177. Wear a sari at Tah Mahal
      178. Send a message in a bottle

22 responses to “Bucket List

  1. You can come watch me play baseball anytime! If thats not good enough Kayla and I would love to take ya to a Pro game one day. Perhaps this Spring or Summer!!


  2. I think it’s awesome how things are shared. There’s a lot on that list that I would like do as well or have done, but take for granted. Thanks for perspective 🙂 Also, you’ve overcome a lot of fears so far. Arachnophobia should’nt be too tough.


  3. This is an impressive list! Being an Italian I love the Italian items. Have you thought about visiting the cities that your family came from, or are the cities you listed it? The reason I ask is because I visited the small town in Sicily where my great grandparents were born and raised. It was quite surreal walking in the town square and sitting in the cathedral where my great grandfather prayed as a young man, quite possibly before he left for America knowing he’d never see his family again. Something I highly recommend to anyone who likes to travel.


    • Great question & idea! I would love to visit the Netherlands with my grandparents – and for them to show me where the stories they told me as a young girl actually took place!


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